AlcoSense Breathalyzer Reviews

The AlcoSense Excel came out top in Auto Express Magaziine's breathalyser Group Test featuring ten breathalysers from 6 different brands! Testing under lab and real world conditions they concluded:

"AlcoSense has the edge here... [the Excel] proved accurate at all levels. A great combination of price and performance."

Rating: ★★★★★

The AlcoSense Pro came second to the AlcoSense Excel in the 2016 Auto Express breathalyser Group Test, featuring ten breathalysers from 6 different brands! Testing under lab and real world conditions they concluded:

"Spend £50 more than on the AlcoSense Excel and you get quite a bit more with the Pro. It topped our accuracy tests by a small margin from the Excel. For the next step up, look no further than the Pro."

Rating: ★★★★

Sunday Times Breathalyzer Review

Rating: ★★★★★

The test involved using a machine to pump vapour from a solution of alcohol and water (using a human test subject introduces inconsistencies) into a Draeger police evidential breathalyser, which is used at police stations (they offer an industry-best ±0.03‰ BAC), and immediately after running the same test with the Pro.

The results: 

- Draeger Alcotest 9510: 0.312mg/l
- AlcoSense Pro: 0.32mg/l

The AlcoSense Pro got impressively close to the benchmark police evidential breathalyser. 

In addition, helpful features of the Pro include colour-coded results (red being over the limit), a backlit tube connector, the amusingly-named BlowCoach (shows in realtime whether you're blowing too soft or hard to get an accurate reading), and a handy Time Until Sober reading.

The Pro also works abroad as it includes a database of legal limits in various countries/regions — you simply tell it where you are and it'll do the rest.

the AlcoSense Pro appears to be a good investment for any law-abiding driver, especially during the Christmas party season, to make sure you're not caught out the morning after. The alternative could ruin your life.

Rating: ★★★★★

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Fifth Gear

"AlcoSense is incredibly accurate"
To see the full review including their direct test against rival breathalysers and the Police breathalyser please click play on the video below.



 Telegraph Review of the AlcoSense Pro

"...a fresh level of accuracy in consumer breath-testing."

“It’s very straightforward to use…. to get the same features as the Pro you’ll have to pay approximately twice as much.”

“Its accuracy was proven in a demonstration in our office comparing an AlcoSense pro against a correctly calibrated, Home Office-approved breath alcohol simulator. Reassuringly, the Pro passed with flying colours.”

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AlcoSense Pro - AutoExpress Hot Kit


10th February 2016

"The sleek Alcosense Pro is handy and simple to use, with a high-spec fuel-cell sensor that gives almost the same accuracy as police kit. The sensor has accounted for a 10 per cent tolerance, to prevent giving an under-reading. It also helps control breath flow, so you don’t breathe too hard, too softly or not long enough – all explained on the hi-res colour TFT screen. If you’re over the limit, it’ll advise how long to wait until you’re sober. EXACTLY when are you safe to drive again the morning after a night out drinking? There’s no real certainty, so investing in a personal breathalyser is one way to be sure."




The Sun Motors Breathalyzer Review


"Alcosense Pro is a top-of-the-range model and offers reliable accurate readings, which could prove priceless... As far as breathalysers go, this is one of the best"

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The Guardian Breathalyzer Review

"Designed in the UK, both breathalysers offer levels of accuracy, reliability and consistency that we as consumers have not been able to access until now."

"The units have several excellent features. They are pre-loaded with all the different limits in every country, so if travelling in Europe, for instance, you wouldn’t be caught out by different levels when crossing borders. Also, they feature an ‘estimated time until sober’ with an alarm that alerts you to re-test again when it is likely you will be safe to drive. The AlcoSense Pro costs £129.99 (£149.99 from February 2016) and the Ultra is £249.99 – which isn’t cheap but considering the alternatives could be a bargain."

Read the full review here.

Last November What Car? Magazine performed one of the most scientific reviews of personal breathalysers ever done by a media company. They tested 8 devices on the market, ranging from £20 to £300 to find if, and how well they work. AlcoSense cleaned up in its price categories!


AlcoSense Elite - Winner – Best Breathalyser under £100.

"The AlcoSense Elite performed well in our tests, giving accurate results throughout. Good performance at a reasonable price."


AlcoSense Lite - Winner – Best Breathalyser under £40.

"Excellent performer for such a low price. Follow the instructions carefully and this budget unit can punch above its weight. The AlcoSense Lite was the best of the cheaper models, and not far off the best mid-priced units. The Lite is the pick of the discount devices."

Full review can be read here:

Road Safety Analysis

In December 2013 Road Safety Analysis Ltd, a not-for-profit road safety research company, performed a head to head test of 7 consumer breathalysers vs a Police issue Lion Breathalyser. The test had two elements, one to test the devices head to head in a ‘street’ real world environment and the second part to test the devices head to head in laboratory conditions using Police grade alcohol simulators. The AlcoSense Lite and Elite were both tested and came out highly recommended, the Elite winning hands down over the competition – even against breathalysers twice the price!

The full test can be read by clicking here:

Alcosense Elite

RSA Elite result

"Without a doubt the leader in our street test was the Alcosense Elite. It consistently performed well against the police issue breathalyser, giving accurate readings every time… It’s very simple to use, and a lot of attention to detail has gone into the design… Priced at just £59.99, it can be bought in such stores as Halfords, and certainly would make me part with my money for that price."

Alcosense lite

RSA Elite result

"This was our cheapest device in our test, and can be picked up for around £40. It certainly doesn’t feel cheap though, and in my opinion has the nicest looking display of all of the devices we’ve tested. It’s results were around about on the mark. It performed formidably in the lab testing."

Reproduced with kind permission from Road Safety Analysis Ltd.


"If you have had a heavy night and intend to drive the next morning, I suggest that you invest in AlcoSense, A mobile phone-sized breath-tester that can accurately measure if you are near or over the drink drive limit."


Stuff Magazine

"Rather than join the 17% of drink drivers who are busted the morning after, the AlcoSense let’s you know when you’re safe to hit to road. It's remarkable how long into a Sunday you can get before you're legal."


Geeks Tech

"Overall AlcoSense is highly recommended and a great bit of kit to own."


MSN Motors

"A peace of mind tool that could possibly save your licence - and your life - I think the AlcoSense is well worth its £60 price tag "



"The AlcoSense is durable and easy to use, just breathe in to it and it tells you if you are over the limit… useful for the morning after."



"Are you sure your blood-alcohol levels will have lapsed sufficiently by the time you drive your car the following morning? That's the kind of folly the AlcoSense is designed to combat: it is based around the same principles as police-spec breathalysers and provides an instant read-out that tells you whether or not you are fit to take the wheel."

What Car?

"Test yourself. AlcoSense is a tool to help judge if you’re safe to drive the morning after. We tried AlcoSense and it proved to be accurate when compared with the Transport Research Laboratory’s equipment."


Bella Magazine

"Just three large glasses can put you over the limit the next day. If AlcoSense comes out positive, get the bus!"



"Breathalyse yourself, before the fuzz catch you doing an Alistair Stewart, with an AlcoSense Pocket Breathalyser. Be Safe"


Motorboat and Yauchting Magazine

"It won't stop you drinking but it will warn you if you're over the limit the morning after. It may not be the merriest Xmas present, but it could well be the most useful"


Leicestershire Builder Magazine

"Seems like a good idea to us!"


Daily Star

"Don't get nicked the morning after the night AlcoSense"


"To prove my inebriation I test myself when I arrive back using an AlcoSense portable breathalyser. At 0700 the reading was clear..."


"Breath testing specialists at AlcoSense have a range of breathalyzers that are affordable, portable and easy to use and TrafficSafe took the AlcoSense Lite model to test over a period of six months. It’s been passed around the office, flung into briefcases, kept in glove compartments, forgotten, accidentally set off a couple of times when sat on and subjected to the usual rigours endured by portable electronics but it still looks good, works well and even still has the original batteries in it. Interpreting the readings is also simple. The display shows the %BAC figure and a warning triangle if you’re close to the 0.8% limit and a “don’t drive” symbol if you’re 0.8% or over. At just under £40, the AlcoSense Lite is an inexpensive addition to the contents of your glovebox and highly recommended.

Read the full review by clicking here."