Liked what we have to say about our products but you’d like to hear it from the horse’s mouth? Read the following comments emailed in by customers:

"The severity of a hangover no way reflects in the ability to drive. I’ve felt OK and considered myself fit to drive but AlcoSense clearly told me otherwise. On another instance I’ve felt badly hangover and immediately thought I was unfit to drive, but AlcoSense told me I was just on the limit. AlcoSense is invaluable for the morning after and just eliminates all doubt and risk."

Drew Wilson, Daventry

"AlcoSense to me is an insurance policy - it protects me and my family from the risks and stigma associated with ‘morning after’ drink driving."

Andy Hill, Dorset

"On new years day, after the party the night before, I was supposed to be going shopping at the sales but amazingly I wasn’t ok to drive until 4 pm! I missed the bargains but AlcoSense kept my licence!"

Andrew Holmes, Rotherham, South Yorks

"I met with a friend at about 11.00am one morning and I noticed he smelt of alcohol. He then proceeded to tell me about the great night he had had the night before. I used the AlcoSense on him to find he was still well over the limit! His girlfriend drove for the rest of the day!"

Tony Hughes, Cheshire

"I am a Driving Instructor and with the agreement of my pupils have said that I would test any pupil who I felt might be suffering the after effects of alcohol. I met one pupil, who had cancelled a lesson about two hours earlier. He asked if he could check to see if he was near the limit, It was 11.30 in the morning and he tested positive. He admitted that had I not had the AlcoSense he may well have turned up for the lesson. Other friends have tried it ‘The Morning After’ and been amazed that they are near or over the limit."

Maurice Neal, Mullion, Cornwall

"AlcoSense showed us, to the general surprise of both ourselves and friends that it takes very little to put you over the drink/drive limit. Our friends have since also bought one."

Anonymous, London

"A client arrived by taxi for a 1pm Sunday appointment. He smelt strongly of alcohol and explained he had been at a boozy sporting related function the previous night. He rose to go at 5pm and I suggested he try the AlcoSense for interest. He failed."

C. Moore, Fort William

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