The AlcoSense Lite 2, March's STAR BUY

Friday, February 28, 2020

The AlcoSense Lite 2 is this month’s STAR BUY in the March issue of Campervan magazine.


“If you enjoy a drink once you’ve parked your motorhome or campervan up for the night, it could be time to invest in an AlcoSense Lite 2 Breathalyser,” writes editor Geneve Brand.

“After all, there’s no law against befriending fellow campers, throwing the keys in a bowl and playing spin the bottle all night.

“However, it is illegal to drive the next day if you’re still over the limit, which can be hard to know. 

“If you’ve ever been stopped by the police and breathalysed then you’ll know how these easy-to-use contraptions work: simply switch it on, stick a tube in it and blow”.

There are 225,000 campervans and motorhomes in the UK.

The AlcoSense Lite 2, which has also won a HOT KIT Award from Auto Express magazine, is available for purchase here priced just £44.99

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