AlcoSense Calibration

AlcoSense Calibration

To ensure continued accuracy, whether for Police use or consumer use, breathalysers require periodic re-calibration at our UK Laboratory. Over time your breathalyser may change the way it responds to alcohol and the results may become less accurate (drift). We recommend your AlcoSense breathalyser is re-calibrated every 12 months, the process is simple and easy.


    Before returning your unit from the EU to the UK please read this information

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    Proceed through the checkout to provide your return address details and make payment. Take a note of your order number once complete.

    Do not send batteries or the original box, package your breathalyser in a padded envelope, making sure it is secured for transit through the postal system and enclose a copy of the order confirmation so we can trace your breathalyser when it arrives (if you don't have your confirmation, simply include the order number). We recommend using an insured service so if the breathalyser is lost or damaged in transit you are fully covered. If you are purchasing an EXPRESS calibration, please ensure 'express' is clearly written on the outside of the envelope when returning.

    Return Address: 
    Service Dept. 
    AlcoSense Laboratories
    Unit 3, Maidenhead Enterprise Centre,
    Off Cordwallis Street,
    Maidenhead, Berks, 
    SL6 7BE 

    Tel: 0800 634 4480 

    "What happens next?"

    "My unit is quite old, should I upgrade instead?"

    "How do I arrange calibration of my breathalyser?"

    "Frequently Asked Questions"

    "How does the Tracked Return Label work?"

    "Where do i send the breathalyser?"

    What happens next?

    Once we receive your unit we will send you an email confirming receipt.

    We will have all of your details and your payment so our technicians can get straight to work on your unit. We aim to return your unit within 7-10 working days.

    How do I arrange calibration of my breathalyser?

    1. Select the buy now button above and select your model, whether you require a calibration certificate and the speed of service you require. Select Buy Now and complete the checkout process.
    2. Once you have completed the checkout you will receive an email with an order confirmation. This document should then be printed.  
    3. Make a note of your breathalyser serial number, normally found on the back of the breathalyser or under the battery compartment.
    4. Do not send batteries or the original box, package your breathalyser in a padded envelope, making sure it is secured for transit through the postal system and enclose a copy of the order confirmation so we can trace your breathalyser when it arrives. We recommend using an insured service so if the breathalyser is lost or damaged in transit you are fully covered, alternatively you can select the tracked return label option at checkout. If your purchasing an express calibration, please ensure 'express' is written on the outside of the envelope.
    5. Send it to the address below.
    6. You will receive your breathalyser back through the post when it has been calibrated. 

    Return Address: 
    Service Dept. 
    AlcoSense Laboratories
    Unit 3, Maidenhead Enterprise Centre,
    Off Cordwallis Street,
    Maidenhead, Berks, 
    SL6 7BE 

    Tel: 0800 634 4480 


    When should I get my breathalyser calibrated?

    After 12 months of use your breathalyser will require re-calibration to ensure it continues to read accurately. Over time the sensor in the breathalyser can 'drift', reducing the accuracy of the readings you receive. This affects all breathalysers, whether they are a £15,000 Police unit or a consumer breathalyser.

    If your breathalyser is saying its calibration is expired, providing inconsistent test results, is not providing any test results, or provides unusually high or low test results, the product should be calibrated immediately by an AlcoSense technician.

    If you have not had your breathalyser calibrated for more than 12 months don't worry, we can still calibrate it for you. However, the longer the breathalyser is outside it's calibration window, there is a higher likelihood that the sensor may not be able to be recalibrated. 

    How do you calibrate my breathalyser?

    AlcoSense's trained technicians will recalibrate your breathalyser using wet bath simulators, the gold standard in breathalyser calibration and accuracy checking equipment - as used in the servicing of Police breathalysers worldwide. A wet bath simulator generates a known and consistent concentration of alcohol and water vapour in air which is used to calibrate the breathalyser, simulating human breath with alcohol in it. Using this known value we can then adjust your breathalyser to read the known sample accurately, resetting the calibration.

    Calibration takes place in AlcoSense's purpose built laboratory in Maidenhead, Berkshire. Our technicians will run a full diagnostic test on your breathalyser during calibration to ensure it is working correctly. Once calibrated it is then tested for accuracy before being returned to you. 

    Do I need a calibration certificate?

    A calibration certificate is a document which contains details of your unit, it’s calibration date and calibration results. This is only required when a unit may be used for testing people in an environment where there may be social responsibility, for example in a corporate or work environment. In this instance you should keep the certificate in your files for future reference if required. Calibration certificates are only available for the AlcoSense Excel, Pro and Ultra. 

    Regardless of whether you purchase a certificate the calibration service your breathalyser receives is identical. The certificate is a chargeable option to cover the cost of the additional paperwork and record keeping required. For personal use a certificate is not normally required. 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Can I recalibrate my breathalyser myself?
    No. Calibration requires specialist equipment and training and can only be performed by a trained AlcoSense technician. 

    I've seen another company advertising AlcoSense calibrations online - can they do it?
    Only AlcoSense is able to calibrate your breathalyser. The breathalyser software is locked to only work with our systems to ensure the quality of your calibration and service. 

    How long will it take to calibrate my breathalyzer? 

    After we receive your AlcoSense, it will take 7-10 working days to calibrate, test and return your unit to you. We offer an express service which can be selected above which aims to get your breatahlyser back to you within 2-3 working days from receipt at our laboratory.

    What happens to my unit if I don’t get it calibrated regularly?
    If your breathalyser hasn’t been calibrated regularly may not provide accurate readings. 

    I bought my AlcoSense breathalyser from one of your dealers, can you still calibrate it? 
    No problem!

    Is calibration included in the one-year warranty?
    No. The warranty is limited to defects with the unit, and does not include routine maintenance such as calibration.

    How does the Tracked Return Label work?

    If you require a tracked return label to stick onto your parcel to help you return your unit in an easy, cost effective way please select 'yes' when ordering your unit. We will provide a link in your confirmation email, you can click the link to create your own tracked return label.

    Return Address: 
    Service Dept. 
    AlcoSense Laboratories
    Unit 3, Maidenhead Enterprise Centre,
    Off Cordwallis Street,
    Maidenhead, Berks, 
    SL6 7BE 

    Tel: 0800 634 4480 


    Additional Information

    Suitable forNo
    Certified StandardNo
    Product AccuracyNo
    Sensor TypeNo
    Sensor Size (mm²)No
    Police SensorNo
    Breath Sampling SystemNo
    Don't Drive Alert When Close to LimitNo
    Adjustable Don’t Drive Alert LevelNo
    BlowCoach* - Real time blowing feedbackNo
    Features - Ease of UseNo
    Features - AccuracyNo
    Unit of MeasureNo
    Reading DetailNo
    Max Reading (‰BAC)No
    Test MemoryNo
    Screen Size (Diagonal)No
    Screen TypeNo
    Mouthpiece TypeNo
    Re-Calibration PeriodNo
    Re-Calibration CostNo
    Expiry DateNo
    Product DimensionsNo
    Product WeightNo
    In The BoxNo
    Customer Reviews

    Rated 4.4/5 from 12 customer reviews

    Recalibration - Excellent service!

    by Kent Bee on 11/03/2024

    I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the recalibration service was for my “Pro” unit which I finally decided to have serviced after owning it for eight years.

    It was also easy to place the order online and I packaged my unit and attached the labels, taking it to the local post office on Monday.

    By Wednesday I could see that it had arrived and within an hour I was, unsurprisingly advised by email that my unit required a new sensor.

    I immediately paid for this and replied with the order number.

    With the recalibration now complete my unit arrived back the following Wednesday exactly as forecasted in the update.

    I had honestly expected to lose my unit for much longer which was the reason for the delay in have the service carried out.

    If, like me, that’s holding you back, please don’t worry!
    Purchased as a gift

    by Ian on 26/12/2023

    My daughter was keen to get me a gift, so I requested another Alcosense breathalyser, this time the Elite 3 to replace my ageing original. They are the best peace of mind money can, I do not drink and drive but a morning check provides clarity.
    What you don't know

    by Tommy on 02/11/2023

    When you buy the product it doesn't tell you that you have to send it back to get recalibrated which costs as much as the original price
    Great product

    by John Fitzgibbon on 01/10/2023

    This is my second alcosense product and can’t fault both products I have bought!
    Reliable and easy to use

    by campervanman1959 on 09/09/2023

    I have just purchased a second alcosense pro unit from Halfords. Using the unit is easy and fuss free - it provides peace on mind and reassurance when driving both in the UK and abroad. I can highly recommend this device which, for what it does, is great value for money.
    Quality bit of kit

    by Ivor Greybeard on 26/04/2023

    Seems well-made and is very easy to use. Just the job for keeping in my motorhome cupboard, except that it's supplied without a protective case! There is the offer of 10 quids worth of mouthpieces free for writing this review though - I would rather have had a case ????
    Brilliant bit of kit

    by WINGATE on 11/01/2023

    so easy to use, accurate and fits in my pocket
    i would highly recommend this product
    Quick service

    by Dug on 02/03/2022

    Calibrated promptly and returned well packaged, slick service recommended
    Slow and expensive

    by Edward on 09/04/2021

    They received my unit 11 days ago and I still haven't received it back.
    I don't understand why the more expensive products cost more to recalibrate. It's obviously a con.
    I really question the ethics of this company.
    Not sure why I'm writing the 'review'.
    They won't publish it


    Thank you for your feedback. As stated on the calibration page, the extended lead-time on calibrations at the moment (April 2021) is due to the fact we quarantine each unit for 5 days before opening to ensure they are not carrying COVID-19 when opened to help curb the spread of the disease and protect our technicians.

    The price difference between our models is down to the technology each of them use to function and the time taken to calibrate/ensure the units pass quality control before being released from the laboratory. Our Fuel Cell breathalysers have a longer calibration process as we calibrate both the breath sampling system and the alcohol sensor, therefore taking more labour time. We’re happy to discuss this, and can be reached, free of charge, on 0800 195 0088.

    Kind Regards

    Bernie Beben
    AlcoSense Laboratories


    by Russ on 26/12/2020

    Excellent little device well with checking your alcohol level before you go to work in the morning
    Good product

    by Bono on 20/12/2020

    Recently purchased the Alco Sense SE2 and it is a quality product, very compact and easy to use, highly recommend.
    Ease of use

    by Highlander on 10/09/2020

    Small and lightweight. Very simple to set up and use.

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