AlcoSense Lite 2 Breathalyzer (NEW)

AlcoSense Lite 2 Breathalyzer (NEW)

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AlcoSense Lite 2 Breathalyzer (NEW)

Successor to the multi award-winning AlcoSense Lite, the new Lite 2 has raised the bar for entry level breathalysers. Featuring upgraded sensor, sampling system and simplified operation the Lite 2 improves accuracy and reliability in the sub £50 price point.

  • AlcoSense Lite 2 Breathalyser
  • AlcoSense Lite 2 Breathalyser
  • AlcoSense Lite 2 Breathalyser

The AlcoSense Lite 2 has been added to the Auto Express HOT KIT list.

27th November - 3rd December 2019

The New AlcoSense Lite 2

At a glance:

  • AlcoSense’s Entry Level Breathalyser
  • Easy to Use, clear results in seconds
  • Intermediate level semi-conductor alcohol sensor
  • Adjustable drink drive limit to any UK or Irish limit
  • Pocket Sized - (HxWxD): 110 x 45 x 21mm
  • Does not measure breath sample volume or flow

Designed in the UK by AlcoSense’s award winning team, the AlcoSense™ Lite 2 is the successor to the highly acclaimed AlcoSense™ Lite (What Car? Best Breathalyser under £40, Road Safety Analysis Group Test Entry Level Winner, Diesel Car Group Test Runner-Up to AlcoSense™ Elite).

Like all AlcoSense™ products, the Lite 2 has been designed to be as easy as possible to use. To do a breath test all you need to do is turn the unit on, wait for it to count down to zero and then blow until it beeps. Easy!

Designed in Britain with exceptional pedigree

Designed in Britain by AlcoSense Laboratories, the AlcoSense Lite 2 is the successor to the highly acclaimed AlcoSense Lite.

The Lite 2 has a new sleek, pocket sized design. Measuring only 110mm high x 21mm deep x 46mm wide and weighing less 150 grams (including batteries), it can be discretely carried in a pocket or handbag.

Any Limit in Ireland, Scotland or the rest of the UK

The AlcoSense™ Lite 2 reads across all limits currently used in the UK and Ireland and the don’t drive alert can be adjusted by the user to any of those limits.


Easy to Understand Results

AlcoSense™ Lite 2 shows your level of intoxication in ‰BAC (promile blood alcohol content) in increments of 0.1 (If you require a more detailed readout or in mg/L please see the AlcoSense™ Elite 3).

The AlcoSense™ Lite even alerts you when you are close to or over the user-set drink drive limit.

Under the limit the result is displayed in increments of 0.1 ‰BAC

Close to and over the user-set limit, the result is displayed with a don’t drive alert


Sleek Pocket-Sized Design

The AlcoSense™ Lite 2 comes from the same design team that developed the AlcoSense Excel, Pro and Ultra, winners of the 2018 German Design Award and the 2016 Red Dot Product Design Award. Pocket sized, it can discretely be kept anywhere. AlcoSense™ Lite 2 measures only 110mm (height) x 45mm (width) x 21mm (depth). It is powered by 3 x AAA batteries meaning that you can use it anywhere at any time.

Easy Maintenance and Recalibration Alerts

The AlcoSense™ Lite 2 has an ASC feature, manually selected by the user, which is a deep clean of the sensor and should be undertaken periodically to remove contaminents like residue and oxidisation from the sensor.

The Lite 2 now also features a calibration reminder after 12 months or 300 tests so you can easily remember to have your breathalyser recalibrated and ensure ongoing accuracy.


Use it Again & Again

Using the latest semi-conductor sensor technology and innovations AlcoSense™ Lite 2 can be used up to 300 times between calibrations meaning you will never be caught short. Please note, the Lite 2 does not actively clear residual alcohol from the sensor after each test meaning that you must wait 5 minutes between tests. If you wish to test more frequently than this please consider one of our models higher up the range.


Every AlcoSense™ unit is tested for accuracy three times before leaving our factory. As a result, our quality control is arguably the best in the industry meaning that you can have 100% faith in our products.

AlcoSense™ Lite2 has industry leading accuracy at this price point of +/-0.2 ‰BAC. Please note: the Lite 2 does not measure breath sample volume or flow rate which increases the accuracy of the readings, if greater accuracy is required please see our models further up the range.


Why Delay?

Part of the responsible enjoyment of alcohol is to understand its effect on the body and to understand when you are safe to drive, AlcoSense™ helps people do exactly that and takes out the potentially fatal guess work the morning after. Don’t leave it to chance, order yours today.


Additional Information

Suitable forConsumer Use
AwardsAuto Express Hot Kit
Certified StandardISO9001
Product Accuracy±0.20‰BAC at the drink drive limit
Sensor TypeIntermediate Semi-Conductor
Sensor Size (mm²)19 mm²
Police SensorNo
Breath Sampling SystemBasic
Don't Drive Alert When Close to LimitYes
Adjustable Don’t Drive Alert LevelAdjustable - Any UK/Irish/Scottish Limit
BlowCoach* - Real time blowing feedbackNo
Features - Ease of UseDon't Drive Alert When Close to Limit, Re-Calibration Reminder
Features - AccuracyNo
Unit of Measure‰BAC (Blood Alc)
Reading DetailUp to 1 decimal place
Max Reading (‰BAC)2.0
Test MemoryNone
Screen Size (Diagonal)28mm
Screen TypeLCD
Mouthpiece TypeBlow Tubes
Re-Calibration Period12 Months
Re-Calibration Cost£22.99 inc VAT
Expiry DateNo
Product Dimensions(HxWxD): 110 x 45 x 21 mm
Product Weight84g (Including Batteries)
In The Box1 x Breathalyzer, 3 x AAA Batteries, 6 x Blow Tubes, Instruction Manual
Warranty12 Months
Media Reviews

Media Reviews

“…it’s an accurate piece of kit that should be in every car owner’s armoury”

Diesel Car Magazine 
December 2019

The AlcoSense Lite 2 has been added to the Auto Express HOT KIT list.

27th November - 3rd December 2019

“Why risk it? Get a decent breathalyser like the AlcoSense Lite 2”

December 2019

“the difference between driving safely or under the influence”

December 2019

"Sleekly designed in striking white, the pocket-sized AlcoSense Lite 2 is a great way of telling whether you've still got alcohol in your system the morning after".

Practical Classics
November 2019

“Compact and accurate”

Practical Caravans
December 2019

"...In other words, it could be a genuine life, not to mention licence, saver."

Banzai Jap Car Magazine
November 2019

“Easy to use and could save your licence. Just puff in to it and get a clear message if you should drive or not. No excuses.”

MotorSport Magazine
November 2019

Customer Reviews

Rated 4.9/5 from 103 customer reviews

Easy to setup and use

by RK on 16/01/2020

I bought the Alcosense lite 2 breathalyser to use the morning after a family wedding. It was very straightforward to setup and to use. Would highly recommend.
Great product

by tonyod on 13/01/2020

Great product which is easy to use and great reassurance at a reasonable price.
Really good

by Lisa P on 12/01/2020

I bought this to ensure I didn't drive too early after work hospitality events. Its small, light and easy to use and not that expensive versus other versions, but same accuracy.
Classy, small & effective

by Jennyfrase on 12/01/2020

Looks really nice, small enough to fit in glove box neatly, i think everyone should have one of these!
quality, compact and reliable

by Mike P on 08/01/2020

I have had various of these over the years from cheap non reliable key ring versions to some more expensive when they started becoming handlheld large units but this one is a a good size and very impressed with the quality. The cost is very palatable and straws are cheap for the number of times I and indeed some friends have needed to use it when driving next day to ensure We are under the very low Scottish limit!

by ingli on 08/01/2020

nice looking and easy to use
Compact easy to use

by Lisa on 07/01/2020

Small compact and easy to use.
Very handy for the morning after a night out.
Would definitely recommend this product.
Highly reccomended

by Izabella on 06/01/2020

Very handy,modern with amazing price. The accurate of test is the same as expensive breathalyzer tests. Definitely I will buy it again as a gift. Many Thanks
Great little kit for that piece of mind

by ryanmck1984 on 06/01/2020

This was an upgrade from my alcosense lite that i had used for 2 years. Great design and easy to use. Good that the percentage can be changed manually depending on what country you need it for. Would definitely recommend.
Great for the morning after

by Bobby on 05/01/2020

Easy to use and has proved really handy for checking are safe to drive the morning after a night out. Would recommend.
Excellent Product, would highly recommend.

by Sam P on 05/01/2020

Very quick to setup. Extremely easy to use. Superb value for money. Would highly recommend this product to anyone.
Great product, very useful. Highly recommend

by Una P on 05/01/2020

A great product I found very useful throughout the "silly season" it gave me peace of mind that I was safe driving the morning after. Such a great device, so handy to use and a good clear display
Excellent Product, would highly recommend.

by Sam P on 04/01/2020

I bought this product as I regularly host hospitality events and wanted to ensure I wasn't over then limit before i drove the following morning. It is so simple and easy to use and great value for money.
Great product, very useful

by Una on 04/01/2020

A great product, gives me peace of mind when having to drive the next day. Love it
Really impressed

by Horsepower240 on 03/01/2020

Tested this the evening it arrived and was really pleased to see it produced the exact results we were expecting... it’s great to have this to confirm what we were thinking.
Peace of Mind the Morning After

by Bunks on 03/01/2020

I bought a "lite II" after (for curiosity's sake) using my Brother's older machine on Boxing Day I would not have been fit to drive until well into the afternoon. I used my new box of tricks to test my self imposed limit, it showed that I have a significant safety margin against prosecution even if I drove in Scotland. The machine is simple to use and has a nice bright display. If you live in Scotland or other lower limit country a machine like this is essential for the morning after.
A really good and simple tester

by Sandyd on 01/01/2020

Simple to set up. Simple to use. This is our second one after the previous model (no longer available) expired. User manual was clear, straightforward and we were able to use it in minutes.
Great product

by Kevin Granger on 01/01/2020

I am really happy with the AlcoSense Lite 2. It was very useful during Christmas and New year's for reassurement of compliance with drink driving law. Simple and easy to use.
seems reliable,easy to use

by J4John on 31/12/2019

just had it 2 weeks but it is fairly simple to use and gives me confidence whilst driving !!
Essential product for responsible drivers.

by Ben on 31/12/2019

Just took delivery and familiarised myself with excellent User Manual.
Product is simple yet sophisticated. It could be a life saver for user and public.
Excellent product

by Wise owl on 31/12/2019

The Alcosense Lite2 was recommended by a relative, so with Xmas & New Year in mind I recently bought one. Gave it a test drive yesterday. Sure enough clocked over the limit about 11:30 pm. Lo at 9:30 this morning. Does what it says , excellent product I’d recommend.
Great product

by Willa on 30/12/2019

Always been a but curious about the morning after, put my mind to rest. Really good bit of kit
Peace of mind

by T on 30/12/2019

Purchased to check for the ‘morning after’ levels. Readings are in line with what I expected so good peace of mind. Easy to use
AlcoSense lite 2

by Tony on 30/12/2019

Great product and very accurate.
Great product, easy to use

by Meg on 29/12/2019

Bought this as a gift, arrived very quickly. Instructions were clear and simple, so setup was quick and easy. Would recommend to anyone looking for a breathalyser
Highly recommended

by Mark on 29/12/2019

Very easy to use. Very nice design. I keep it in my car all the time now
Great device

by Paul b on 28/12/2019

I got a present of this, very handy for morning after, sometimes it shows flo, though I seem to be blowing enough. But overall a great device
Good basic breath tester

by Margaret on 28/12/2019

A good basic tester but for more accuracy the professional models are probably worth it.

by Bennymylee on 28/12/2019

Great product well worth the £45

by Mcsaddo on 27/12/2019

Easy to set up and use.good price as well.very happy.
5 Star

by Catcow1964 on 26/12/2019

Perfect for the day after
Excellent product

by Rubble on 26/12/2019

Received the lite 2 promptly. Easy to set up, mostly by itself. Instructions clear. Seems to work fine
Good safety product

by Helen on 24/12/2019

Very simple to use, and a good safety morning after check before driving.
Essential piece of equipment

by Stonecold on 24/12/2019

Decided to buy this breathalyser as it appeared to be good quality for a very reasonable price. Like most people I just want peace of mind that I am not over the limit the morning after, also am planning a driving holiday through France where it is mandatory to have one in your car. The build quality is very good and the instructions are clear and concise.
Works great

by Benj on 23/12/2019

Tested myself before driving after a good drink the night before and gave me a clear reading that I was OK to drive
A great find!

by steadyeddy on 23/12/2019

Just bought the alcosense lite 2. I tried it the morning after a few beers, i felt fine to drive, but after using the breathalyser, it alerted me that i was still over the limit, needless to say, no driving for the rest of the day. Great gadget!
First Class Product

by Steveo No 1 on 23/12/2019

We purchased this product as we have seven drivers at home and it is the party season mainly for the following days driving , We can strongly recommend this to anyone First Class Product and simple to use. So far we have all tested under the limit but it gives you a confidence boost.
Worth every penny

by Brewdog on 22/12/2019

This product is worth every penny, everybody should own one of these.
Great product

by Ferg on 22/12/2019

Very easy to set up
great product

by twinny on 22/12/2019

great product of which i use along with my girls the night after drinking to make sure we are safe to drive

by Graham on 22/12/2019

Simple, easy to use, clear instructions and results.
Ease of Use

by johnhugh on 21/12/2019

Excellent product. Its easy to set up with clear instructions.

I purchased this purely for making sure I was under the limit the following morning after socialising the night before. I would highly recommend this for that use.
my alcosense 2

by Steve on 21/12/2019

Just received my unit this morning and have used it twice one was OK to drive the other person was not very easy product to set up and use
Great Product

by Pat on 21/12/2019

This product does exactly what it says on the book
It tells you if it is not safe to drive which I got this morning and an hour later I tried again and was good to go
This product will help save lives as it stops people driving when they are not fit to drive
Great Product

by Robert on 17/12/2019

I received mine a few days ago, and next day put my mind at rest that I was under limit. easy to set up and use
Great product, compact and portable

by Niall on 17/12/2019

I've always been someone who will never drive if I'm not sure, but this product adds a level of assurance when I'm making a decision to hello me make the right one.
Great product at a great price

by Elaine on 16/12/2019

Excellent product and very easy to use. Very good value also. I work for a wine and spirit company and it is great to have it in the car if I have done a tasting with customers. It makes you much more aware.

by sandis on 16/12/2019

Works fine

by Macnib on 16/12/2019

I was given this by my wife as a birthday present
For the simple reason that I don’t drink very much even when I am the very rare non driver.
The logic being that I am wasting the non driving opportunity by not drinking enough,!
Very nice piece of kit, simple to setup and use.
Great to check you levels after a few lunchtime drinks before driving later.
Always drive safe.
Great product

by Geno on 15/12/2019

Easy set up.. really straightforward to use and gives great comfort
Compact and works

by S6664a on 14/12/2019

Needed a machine to take regular readings for legal purposes and seems to work fine, have tested it with and without alcohol to ensure it was working
Great product , and easy to use

by Coxy on 11/12/2019

Excellent item was very impressed, would recommend to friends
Grat piece of kit

by Sharon on 11/12/2019

. The device is very easy to use and understand and well worth paying for the easy use and accuracy. Great piece of kit
Great Product

by Mary on 11/12/2019

Excellent for the morning after
Brilliant product

by CM on 11/12/2019

Great value for money and the security of knowing you’re safe to drive the next morning. Easy to use and maintain.
Excellent 5 stars

by Jeffers on 11/12/2019

I have had a Alcosense breathalyser for the last 8 years.
Recently upgraded to the lite 2.
Very stylish.
Easy to set up.
Very accurate.
Like the way it cleans itself after a + test.
Easy to use.

Highly recommended.
Just the job

by SpratleyB on 10/12/2019

Purchased recently, mainly to take on holiday to give ‘peace of mind’ reassurance for the morning after prior to driving. Simple and straightforward to use and so far seems pretty accurate.
Great way to keep you safe

by Bizey on 10/12/2019

Great value for money and the security of knowing you’re safe to drive. Easy to use.
Easy to use

by Buzzkokk on 08/12/2019

Easy enough to use. Just a bit confused about having to use a switch in the battery compartment. When I opened the compartment I couldn't find a switch. With an accuracy of +/-0.2% and a U.K. limit of 0.8%, it's possibly 25% inaccurate. This is a guide and not to be taken as gospel
Does what it says on the tin! Well designed. Easy to use. Clear instructions

by Karlos on 07/12/2019

Does what it says on the tin. Excellent product. Well designed. Clear instructions and easy to use.
Incredible piece of kit

by AndyB1964 on 07/12/2019

This device helped me after i was drinking the night before. Even told me "Do not drive" when i tried too early. Tried again later and it said I was good to go. Highly recommended
Easy to setup and use

by Kazza on 03/12/2019

Very easy to setup and use and will provide 'morning after' peace of mind
Money well spent

by Macamxthe1st on 02/12/2019

Very easy to set up and use. The peace of mind if you need to drive the next morning is priceless.

by Amy K on 01/12/2019

Just bought this and it is excellent. I bought this as well you can never be to careful and better to be safe then sorry

by Equip4work on 29/11/2019

speedy delivery service received from this company. Product itself really easy to use delivers fast and accurate results would highly recommend
Great buy!

by Kirky87 on 27/11/2019

Purchased this product a week ago and really impressed. A family member used to have the Elite version which was very chunky (and noisy!) and the Lite 2 is very sleek and not as loud!
It provides a reading within seconds, is small enough to keep in your car or bag for those moments when it's best to be safe than sorry! Would highly recommend.
Easy to use

by Red Tam on 22/11/2019

Have used twice and both times read lo. Very easy to use.
Excellent Product

by 5042tony on 20/11/2019

I recently bought an AlcoSense Lite 2 in exchange for my old AlcoSense SE. The new model is even easier to set up and use. Brilliant device. Thanks.
Great way to ensure your safe to drive

by rfarrelly67 on 19/11/2019

This is our 2nd personal breathalyser and although we don't drink a lot, on the odd occasion we go out, I want to be sure that the morning after, we are under the limit before we get in the car. A great breathalyser to give us 100% peace of mind!
AlcoSense Lite 2

by craig e on 18/11/2019

Excellent product, very user friendly and easy to use.

by Likeadrink on 17/11/2019

Excellent product, easy to setup and very easy to use! 10 out of 10.
AlcoSense lite 2

by Craig on 16/11/2019

Excellent product, easy to use highly recommended
Exactly what I needed

by Neil on 13/11/2019

Very simple to use. Excellent value for money.
AlcoSense lite2

by Cluck on 02/11/2019

Easy to use, would recommend product
Good piece of kit

by Bazza on 01/11/2019

Excellent product easy too use would recommend.
Great Value, Simple Operation

by Craig on 29/10/2019

Very nice device for the money. Easy to operate with clear instructions. I also like the optional case.
Great product

by RJ on 26/10/2019

Good value and easy to use.
great product

by stevie on 25/10/2019

lovely simple to use breathalyser.
Excellent product

by Scott on 16/10/2019

Very simple to set up and very easy to use. Would recommend.
Great product and value for money

by Kevkemp on 14/10/2019

Great product and easy to use. Very good value for money. Never be unsure again, driving the morning after. Highly recommend.

by Anna on 11/10/2019

A superb product. As with other reviews, should have brought one sooner. Does give you piece of mind. Thankyou.
Excellent product

by Chris R on 01/10/2019

Great product. Easy to set up and use. Great for that bit of piece of
Mind the morning after. Should have bought before now. Would recommend to friends.
Good value.

by Jules. on 01/10/2019

Just make sure you
read instructions which are clear. Very easy to use,good value for money.
Peace of Mind

by KKOOCC on 30/09/2019

A great device to have.
Very happy with it!

by Jo05 on 27/09/2019

Easy to set up and use. Reassuring for the morning after!
Very impressed

by Kirsty on 23/09/2019

Fab product. Really easy to set up and use and does exactly what it says on the tin.
Everyone should have one

by Edward C on 21/09/2019

Should have bought this sooner. When you are out you can loose count of what you have drank. Not knowing is very risky.
Peace of mind

by Mark bus driver on 15/09/2019

I just opened the packet and read the instructions. It is so simple to use and yesterday I was out for lunch and had a beer. I wouldn't normally drive after 1 beer. My daughter was stuck and needed a lift later in the evening. I tested and blew 0.3 so instead of getting her a taxi I was able to confidently get her myself. I will be recommending this to my colleagues.
Very handy product.

by Peter Benison on 28/08/2019

It was easy to set up and is really simple to use. A very handy product to have as it can be surprising how much alcohol is still in your body the next day.
Very handy product

by Peatdun on 26/08/2019

Easy to set up and very simple to use. A handy product as it can be surprising how much alcohol is still in your body the next day.
Superb device

by Gerdoc1 on 22/08/2019

Great little device and so easy and quick to use
As good as the first one

by Kev on 20/08/2019

Great product and great price
Excellent device

by Archie on 14/08/2019

Seems to be just as good as the Elite I had before. Lent that to a friend who promptly lost it but he was so impressed he bought two of these, one to replace the one he lost. I doubt there is much difference between the two but, its always nice to have the latest model.
Excellent product for New Irish limits

by Baz on 07/08/2019

Excellent performer for such a low price. The AlcoSense Lite 2 can be set up for Irish limits. This covers adults and new learner drivers. Great for morning after
Excellent small device

by Will on 06/08/2019

A really useful and compact device that will be very helpful in knowing if one's safe to drive. Very good value too.
A little tricky learning how hard to blow to get a reading, but that's not really a problem.
Does the job and easy to use.

by Sarah O on 05/08/2019

Very east to set up and use. It’s small and neat.
Results are clear and helpful.
Takes away the guesswork the morning after - great product!
Alcosense lite 2

by Yvonne on 03/08/2019

Bought this to replace the alcosense lite I’ve had for a few years.This is a great little breathalyser.easy to set up,easy to use.dont waste your money on cheap copies.
Alcosense lite 2

by Yvonne on 03/08/2019

I bought this to replace a lite 1 that served me well.Really impressed with this little breathalyser.Easy to set up.came with batteries and simple to use.I really trust this brand.Dont buy a cheap copy!

by Han on 03/08/2019

Just arrived today and tested it on myself. It's a great little device. Perfect size and seems to do just what it's supposed to do
Great device, easy to use

by TS on 26/07/2019

This is a great device that is very easy to set up and use, giving fast results. Great to understand how your body processes alcohol and if you might still be over the limit in the morning.
New release

by Rose on 22/07/2019

Handy little device, straight forward to use.
Well worth the money to ensure you are within the legal limit to drive.
Updated to the lite2

by David on 06/07/2019

I had the previous lite model and decided to replace it with the new lite 2. Easy to set up and I really like the new design with it larger screen making the readings easy to read.
I use it in the mornings to check that I am legal to drive.
Quick delivery and easy to use

by Gill on 29/06/2019

It was tricky to see the BBR switch, but once found the rest was easy. Needs a good blow to register the reading, but clear and simple to use. Should prove to be a useful and reassuring device