AlcoSense TruTouch Biometric Alcohol Tester

Price quoted is a weekly rental fee, minimum term 12 months.

AlcoSense TruTouch is a biometric alcohol scanner working on near infra-red light to establish the identity and alcohol reading of users in a work environment.


AlcoSense TruTouch

**Price quoted is a weekly rental fee, minimum term 12 months.

The One-Touch Workplace Alcohol Tester.

What it Does

AlcoSense TruTouch is a non-invasive, self-administered, unsupervised test that links users identity to their readings and is a cost effective alternative to a breathalyser.

Self-Administered and Unsupervised

The user puts their finger on to the AlcoSense TruTouch and a beam of safe near infra-red light is shone into the skin. The light reflected back gives a unique biometric signature for the person and the frequencies which come back indicate the alcohol level, if any, in the user. AlcoSense TruTouch delivers this in just ten seconds, or 180 people per AlcoSense TruTouch per hour – including change over-time!

“We found that TruTouch modified the behaviour of all.
We have not had a positive reading in over 8 months.”

John Rice, CEO, CocaCola Bottling Co.

Manager Alerts & Reporting

Exceptions (a reading over your chosen threshold) are reported within seconds to staff members of your choice along with the user’s identity. All readings are stored allowing you to demonstrate good Health and Safety compliance and to actively monitor the positive effect AlcoSense TruTouch has on the safety and well being of your staff.

The Benefits of Daily Testing

Quick autonomous readings linked to biometric identification mean that you can implement a policy of 100% testing. The benefits of testing all staff, every day are immense and the change in workforce behaviour is immediate.

The table below shows the probability of finding a positive reading from someone who comes to work with alcohol in their system once a month on average using different random testing frequencies:

Test FrequencyAnnuallyTwice YearlyMonthlyWeeklyDaily
Tests per year per employee (260 working days per year)121252260
Assuming the employee comes to work with alcohol in their system once a month. The probability of the employee being caught after one year of testing is0.02%0.04%0.2%0.9%100.00%


The offending employee will risk the safety and well being of other employees and the company 12 times a year, but with random monthly testing you only have a 0.21% chance of actually catching that employee with alcohol in their system in one of the 12 tests performed in the year. With daily screening of every employee, you will stop any health and safety risk before it begins.



AlcoSense TruTouch is based on a fixed price monthly renting, with unlimited tests per machine. If you intend to test more than 30 people daily, AlcoSense TruTouch is far more cost effective than purchasing a traditional breathalyser for three reasons:


  • No need for a member of staff to administer or supervise the test
  • No consumables such as blow tubes etc and no calibration costs.
  • No risk of fixed results, human error or tampered records.


Please contact us on 0800 195 0088 (+44 1628 778885) or email [email protected] for more information and a quotation.


Additional Information

Suitable forWorkplace Use
Certified StandardNo
Product AccuracyNo
Sensor TypeNo
Sensor Size (mm²)No
Police SensorNo
Breath Sampling SystemProfessional
Don't Drive Alert When Close to LimitNo
Adjustable Don’t Drive Alert LevelNo
BlowCoach* - Real time blowing feedbackNo
Features - Ease of UseNo
Features - AccuracyNo
Unit of MeasureNo
Reading DetailNo
Max Reading (‰BAC)No
Test MemoryNo
Screen Size (Diagonal)No
Screen TypeNo
Mouthpiece TypeNo
Re-Calibration PeriodNo
Re-Calibration CostNo
Expiry DateNo
Product DimensionsNo
Product WeightNo
In The BoxNo
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AlcoSense TruTouch Biometric Alcohol Tester

Availability: Price quoted is a weekly rental fee, minimum term 12 months.