AlcoSense Elite 3 Breathalyzer (NEW)

"Auto Express Hot Kit - March 2020"
Upgraded in almost every way, the AlcoSense Elite 3 replaces the multi award-winning Elite 2, raising the bar once again for semi-conductor breathalysers. Designed in the UK by AlcoSense’s award winning team, the AlcoSense™ Elite 3 is the successor to the highly acclaimed AlcoSense™ Elite 2 - the most award-winning breathalyser on the market in the UK, including What Car? Best Breathalyser under £100, Road Safety Analysis Group Test Winner, Diesel Car Group Test Winner, Fifth Gear Group Test Winner amongst others. 


The AlcoSense Elite 3 has been added to the Auto Express HOT KIT list.

4th March - 3rd April 2020

AlcoSense Elite 3
Semi-Conductor Breathalyser


An award-winning heritage

Designed in the UK by AlcoSense’s award winning team, the AlcoSense™ Elite 3 is the successor to the highly acclaimed AlcoSense™ Elite 2 - the most award-winning breathalyser on the market in the UK, including What Car? Best Breathalyser under £100, Road Safety Analysis Group Test Winner, Diesel Car Group Test Winner, Fifth Gear Group Test Winner amongst others. 

AlcoSense Elite 3

The AlcoSense Elite 3 sits at the top of our entry level breathalysers which use Semi-Conductor sensors. Utilising the latest Semi-Conductor sensor design, it offers unrivalled user friendliness and accuracy at this price point, before going up to our more advanced Fuel Cell sensor breathalysers including the Excel, Pro and Ultra. Compare models here.

Elite 3 at a glance:

  • Successor to the multi award-winning Elite 2
  • 28mm2 premium Semi-Conductor sensor
  • User selectable limits for Scotland/Ireland and England/Wales
  • Memory recall of last 9 results
  • Colour coded results
  • Two digit readings (e.g. 0.29mg/L)
  • Readings in either mg/L or ‰BAC

Easy to use and understand

The AlcoSense™ Elite 3 has been designed to be as easy as possible to use, fitting in the palm of your hand. To activate the breathalyser all you do is turn it on and it will count down 0 while it prepares the sensor, then it will display the blow symbol on screen. When it says blow, blow through the tube for approximately 6 seconds until it beeps. A few seconds later your results will be shown in increments of 0.01, giving you total clarity on your alcohol level.

The Elite 3 uses a colour coded results system and will even alert you when you are near or over your chosen limit which you can set to any of the three limits in place in the UK and Ireland, please see the screen shots below.

Below 0.10‰ BAC, LO is displayed meaning either no alcohol or trace alcohol was detected in the sample

Below your set drink drive limit the screen changes amber and shows your alcohol reading.

Close to and over your set limit the screen changes red and displays the "don't drive" symbol.

All limits for the UK and Ireland! 

You can set the Elite 3 to alert you when you are close to or over any Irish or UK limit including 0.20‰BAC (Irish Limit for professional and novice drivers), 0.50‰BAC (Irish and Scottish limit) and 0.8‰BAC (rest of the UK and Channel Islands). If you travel between the territories you can easily change the Elite 3 between limits in seconds. 

Scotland, England and Ireland

The latest Semi-Conductor sensor technology

Utilising the latest Semi-Conductor alcohol sensor technology, the Elite 3 features a premium 28mm2 alcohol sensor, using the highest specification of Semi-Conductor  alcohol sensor technology available. It has taken the Group Test Winning reliability of the Elite 2 (What Car? Best Breathalyser under £100, Road Safety Analysis Group Test Winner, Diesel Car Group Test Winner, Fifth Gear Group Test Winner) and improved it.

The Elite 3 is now 30% more accurate than the Elite 2 and importantly, it is less sensitive to drift between calibrations; improving the long-term accuracy of the breathalyser.

6 second breath sampling for real world accuracy

AlcoSense Elite 3 features inbuilt air flow sensors to increase accuracy of the breathalyser in real world use, not only the lab. The most accurate concentration of alcohol in the breath is in the deep lung air and can only be measured after 1.2 litres of air has been blown out. The Elite 3 does not measure the volume of breath blown out (the Excel upward do), but it does sample the breath for 6 seconds which, for the average person, will include deep lung air.

If you do not blow for long enough the breathalyser will alert you and you can retake the test. Rival breathalysers at this price point typically take samples over less than 4 seconds and only sampling air from the throat. This can make them slightly easier to blow in to, but significanlty reduces accuracy.

Memory Recall

To make life even easier, the Elite 3 will store the last nine test results which can be easily accessed by pressing and holding the history button on the front of the breathalyser. Then scroll through the results by clicking the same button again.

Designed by an Award Winning Team

The Elite 3 is a sleek pocket sized breathalyser which can be discretely kept anywhere. Designed in the UK by AlcoSense Laboratories' award winning design team, it shares the same design DNA as the AlcoSense Excel (German Design Awards Winner 2018) and AlcoSense Pro and Ultra (Red Dot International Product Design Award 2016). AlcoSense Laboratories has won more independent group tests and awards for the performance of our breathalysers than any other brand in the UK, browse our trophy cabinet by clicking here.

AlcoSense Elite 3 Dimensions

The Elite 3 measures only 110mm (height) x 51mm (width) x 20mm (depth). It is powered by 3 x AAA batteries (included in the pack) meaning that you can use it anywhere at any time.

Auto Sensor Cleaning

Keeping a Semi-Conductor breathalyser sensor clean and free from oxidisation is essential for long term accuracy and performance. The AlcoSense Elite 3 automatically performs a sensor clean after every time it is used and periodically performs a deep sensor clean, helping to keep the sensor in top condition and reading at its most accurate and performing at its best throughout its lifetime.

Recalibration Alerts

The Elite 3 now features a calibration reminder after 12 months or 300 tests so you can easily remember to have your breathalyser recalibrated and ensure ongoing accuracy.


Using the latest technology and innovations, such as sensor algorithm and automatic sensor maintenance, AlcoSense™ Elite 3 can be used again and again whilst maintaining better accuracy.


Every AlcoSense unit is tested for accuracy three times before leaving our factory. As a result, our quality control is arguably the best in the industry meaning that you can have 100% faith in our products. AlcoSense Elite 3 has industry leading accuracy of +/-0.2‰BAC which is unique in this price range. If you require greater accuracy, please consider one of the models further up the range

Why Delay?

Part of the responsible enjoyment of alcohol is to understand its effect on the body and to understand when you are safe to drive, AlcoSense™ helps people do exactly that and takes out the potentially fatal guess work the morning after. Don’t leave it to chance, order yours today.


Additional Information

Suitable forConsumer Use
AwardsAuto Express Hot Kit
Certified StandardISO9001
Product Accuracy±0.20‰BAC over reading range
Sensor TypePremium Semi-Conductor
Sensor Size (mm²)28 mm²
Police SensorNo
Breath Sampling SystemBasic
Don't Drive Alert When Close to LimitYes
Adjustable Don’t Drive Alert LevelAdjustable - Any UK/Irish/Scottish Limit
BlowCoach* - Real time blowing feedbackNo
Features - Ease of UseBacklit Mouthpiece Receiver, Don't Drive Alert When Close to Limit, Re-Calibration Reminder
Features - AccuracyBreath Sampling Sensors
Unit of Measuremg/L (Breath Alc), ‰BAC (Blood Alc)
Reading DetailUp to 2 decimal places
Max Reading (‰BAC)2.0
Test Memory9 Tests
Screen Size (Diagonal)48mm
Screen TypeThree Colour LCD
Mouthpiece TypeBlow Tubes
Re-Calibration Period12 Months
Re-Calibration Cost£22.99 inc VAT
Expiry DateNo
Product Dimensions(H x W x D): 110 x 51 x 20 mm
Product Weight112g (Including Batteries)
In The Box1 x Breathalyzer, 3 x AAA Batteries, 6 x Blow Tubes, Instruction Manual
Warranty12 Months
Media Reviews

Media Reviews

The AlcoSense Elite 3 has been added to the Auto Express HOT KIT list.

4th March - 3rd April 2020

“easy to use, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and gives an alcohol reading in seconds.”


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There is nothing I wouldn’t recommend about this product…  4.5 stars out of 5

Read the full article here

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Police carried out breath tests on 6,312 (motorcyclists involved in an accident in 2018) and the failure rate was 3.5%...  Best to get one of these then.

March 2020

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Customer Reviews

Rated 4.9/5 from 65 customer reviews

An eye-opener

by Enm on 27/06/2020

Now I would not be without one. It's a doddle to use straight from the box with a very clear display and simple instructions. It's no replacement for common sense though if there's any doubt you can now give it a value and stay put.
Easy to set up and use

by Fonula123 on 26/06/2020

Very easy to set up and use with clear instructions
Easy to use and worth the money

by EmmaC on 10/06/2020

Highly recommend. The elite 3 is small and compact making it easy to store. The device is easy to set up and use. Would also highly recommended the carry case to protect the device and ensure it lasts.
New Elite 3

by Kit on 26/05/2020

Nice piece of kit very user friendly would recommend to others
Excellent product

by benacre on 18/05/2020

Excellent product, easy to use and caught the people I needed to catch. I thought the 5 minute wait between tests would be a problem but didn't prove to be. Well made
Elite 3

by Diamond on 17/05/2020

Traded in my elite 2 for the elite 3 and found it to be vastly superior, not as difficult to blow with the correct force and quicker results. Very pleased.
Great price, great product

by LinB on 14/05/2020

Bought on recommendation of AlcoSense employee. Set up instructions very clear and very easy to use. Service was great as was the price!
Great product

by SLove on 10/05/2020

Arrived promptly and works great. Allowed me to setup for limits in Scotland. Great product! Highly reccomend.
Fantastic, quick and easy to use

by Cameron on 06/05/2020

Received my Elite 3 breathalyser today. Well packaged, easy to use and reliable. Instructions are thorough and have recommended to friends. Many thanks.
Great tool

by Paul on 06/05/2020

I do like a couple of G & Ts when I get home from work. Always unsure the morning after if I am above the limit. This product has always shown "Lo" in the morning which makes me feel much safer.
Easy to use

by Volvo60 on 04/05/2020

This was so easy to use and gives you an accurate and quick reading.
Good product

by zdibu on 25/04/2020

Had it for few days now. Had to buzz up to check it????. Worth to have it.
Highly recommended

by Tony007 on 19/04/2020

I purchased the elite 3 yesterday 18/03/20 from Halfords and tried it at home last night and this morning. It’s so accurate and easy to use as I wish I had purchased it last year as I would of saved my license for been caught the morning after.
Very easy to use

by ispye on 14/04/2020

Very good for the money - great product
Easy to use. Piece of mind

by Murielle on 06/04/2020

So easy to use. I easily convinced my son who just passed his driving test to just “try” it the morning after he’d been out. Worked well _ fun & fact based rather than having awkward chat or grumble on the matter, great peace of mind for the whole family.
Simple to set up

by Dr D on 22/03/2020

Easy to set up and use. Seems well put together and good quality. Tests so far match my alcohol consumption
great device!!!!

by Michael on 21/03/2020

best alcotest ive ever had!!!!
Great little unit

by Jaydee on 20/03/2020

This is so simple to use. A great little product. We bought it in Halfords this week and it does what it says it does which is just what we needed.
Elite 3 super product..

by Dave 94 on 18/03/2020

I bought a Elite 3 and I am so happy with it as i am a professional driver this is a very handy tool to have i done a test today at lunch time and I was still over from last nite great product
Good quality product and great price

by Gordon on 09/03/2020

I have owned a very similar one for quite a few years and decided to get a new one. It looks a bit nicer and performs just as well. Great value but I won't drive until it says Lo as the tolerance is quite high.
Not bad

by Maddy on 05/03/2020

Seemed to be working OK, used maybe 15 times as part of a legal custody agreement. Last two times should of picked up something but read zero, can't find how to recolaborate it, short of buying yet another device. So it's not the best.
Very Accurate...

by Kobelco on 04/03/2020

We purchased the Elite 3 recently, I can highly recommend it.
We are professional Drivers and rely on safety at all times.
I am delighted with this purchase.

by Paul on 02/03/2020

Simple to use - great product
Elite 3

by Byars on 01/03/2020

Great product. Easy to use and straight forward instructions. Does exactly what it says.
Great product

by Irishrallying on 25/02/2020

Bought this a week ago, have only used it twice but the accuracy is excellent, small compact device and a great price.
Excellent Product

by Min on 20/02/2020

Easy to use. Great product special for morning after
Good Value for Money

by KJ on 18/02/2020

Good all round product, I agree with one review which says it takes a few goes to get the flow right, but that's easily mastered, the other thing is it sometimes goes through the last 3 seconds of the set-up sequence a few times before allowing a test which can be annoying!
Excellent product

by Washy on 14/02/2020

Changed my old elite to new elite 3 excellent product and service from AlcoSense.
Excellent value !

by Motorhomer on 08/02/2020

Does as it says and found very reliable.
Simple instructions to follow on set up and operation.

by Funtimeman on 05/02/2020

Received as Present and found to be pretty accurate !
Conduct self levels re units drank and estimate time I should be ok next day ! Not 100 % convinced yet but time will tell . Very impressed by other purchasers comments so will go with it !
Excellent product

by Lappy on 04/02/2020

Brilliant product very easy set up great for setting scotlands limit????

by Safedrinker on 03/02/2020

This is my third incarnation of an AlcoSense breathalyser and my best yet. I cannot afford to lose my license....who can ? so this is invaluable. Easy easy easy to operate and as accurate as you will ever need. Love it and so does my partner.
great and easy to use

by col on 19/01/2020

Had a heavy night and went out and bought the elite3, so easy to use and took out any guessing and risk to the decision to drive the morning after.
It is very educational, and can be used socially to educate people.

by Wol on 14/01/2020

The Alcosense Elite3 is superb, easy to use, and has an excellent set of comprehensive instructions. I am extremely pleased with it, having set it up and used it. It is also very educational, and can be used socially to educate people.
Excellent product

by Dan on 13/01/2020

Recently bought the elite 3 excellent product. Every one should have one in the car.

Elite 3

by Triggs on 13/01/2020

Smart looking, compact and easy to use traffic light system
Very easy to use

by Deirdre s on 13/01/2020

Bought this breathalyzer a few weeks ago and I have to say I find it very easy to use and accurate. Would highly recommend
Excellent product

by Bev on 13/01/2020

This is an excellent product and I highly recommend it.

by MiniBlue on 11/01/2020

Just purchased my first breathalyser and I am very impressed with the overall package. Fits nicely in my handbag and I am looking forward to having piece of mind the morning after a night out. Only criticism would be that it comes with no blow tubes. Otherwise a nice compact gadget.
Excellent product for the price

by Duncan on 08/01/2020

I bought the Alcosense Elite 3. The instructions are very straight forward and it was easy to set up. The unit is very compact and neat and gives very accurate results. Well worth the cost.
Pleased so far...

by Dave999 on 08/01/2020

Customer service is very good and online queries are responded to rapidly. The first unit was faulty, but replacement was arranged quickly & without any quibble. The replacement unit seems fine so far. It's easy to use, but bear in mind that you may have to allow a few minutes for the unit to self-clean and warm up before a test is possible. The breath tubes are single-use plastic; it would be nice if they were washable/reusable. The packaging is a clever piece of cardboard origami with very minimal (and recyclable) plastic.
Makes sense

by Richard on 07/01/2020

Recently purchased the elite 3 model in order to have confidence of being safe to drive after having a drink or two the night before. Easy to setup and works well.
Great product

by Eoin on 03/01/2020

very easy to set up, great piece of kit that everyone should have in their car.
Good product

by Rach on 02/01/2020

Recently purchased this item therefore it has only been used a couple of times. However, it has been a good buy so far with easy instructions.
A must have piece of kit

by Dave on 01/01/2020

Tried this out this today. Solid piece of kit. Seems very easy to use.
Not convinced 100% yet

by Alan on 01/01/2020

Was given as a present this Christmas and found it very easy to set up and use. When I used it the next morning about midday, it read 0.00 in the green, but I felt I could still detect alcohol on my breath. Maybe I am just being overcautious as I have never used anything like this before.
Good so far

by henerz on 29/12/2019

Received as a gift to replace my aged alcosense lite. Pretty good so far, much more sophisticated and accurate than the lite. Would really like re useable tubes like competitors have though, both from an environmental and financial point of view.
Excellent service and product

by Missy on 28/12/2019

I first bought an alcosense in 2014 and have just upgraded it. Very pleased with the new model and the team at alcosnese are very helpful with any queries. I would agree that a pin would have been helpful and I was also unable to find how to submit a review to claim the free tubes.
Alcosense Elite 3

by Richard on 27/12/2019

Excellent product, easy to use, very clear instruction booklet enclosed. Provides peace of mind before getting behind the wheel.
Got for Christmas.

by Rob on 26/12/2019

Tried this out this morning. Reassurance after night before. So easy to use.
Highly recommended

by Freddie on 25/12/2019

Wonderful Product. Easy to use.
Essential nowadays.
Highly recommended.

Fred Cudmore
A must have

by Gfinch on 24/12/2019

Great product easy to use. A must have for anyone who enjoys a drink anytime of year.

by GREG on 23/12/2019

EXCELLENT piece off kit easy to use east to set up and will be able to use when touring in other countries thanks greg
Good quality - does what it says on the tin!

by Tiffa on 22/12/2019

Good quality and easy to use. Excellent customer service. They suggested this model to replace my Special Edition model which they couldn't recalibrate. Miss one or two features of my previous model - didn't have to 'waft' the other model when it performed it's clean after a test & the BAC limit could be set using the on screen menu. Despite these differences happy with the product.
Hopefully better than last one

by Blackpennant on 22/12/2019

Bought an AlcoSense Elite, 2 years ago, has been well looked after with little use, sent it in for calibration and was told they couldn’t calibrate it, and I needed to buy an ‘upgrade’
It was discounted, but I’m still not happy that something I paid good money for, thinking it was good quality, only two years ago
Hoping to get a better service from this one
Fingers crossed
Bought the elite 3

by Tracey on 18/12/2019

We bought this for my 18 year old son - just to make sure he was safe to drive ... the day after.
It’s great - very easy to use. Delighted with the product
Safe driving

by LesleyF on 15/12/2019

Bought this product on recommendation from family members supported by amazing reviews on various websites.
Once ensured it has been set up correctly, product is very easy to use.
Only one criticism, don’t you think you should supply a pin, instead of having to search for a paper clip to set the product?

Safe driving!
Seems to work well

by Gavin on 13/12/2019

I bought this to replace my trusty old Elite 2. The setting up seemed a bit more complex than the old model but, having done that, it seems to work well. I had to contact alcosense to find out how to post a review however since I couldn’t find this information in the booklet.
Does exactly what it's meant to

by Willie Eviston on 13/12/2019

Highly satisfied with the product. Gives great peace of mind!
excellent product, highly recommended

by tom on 09/12/2019

Cannot fault the product in anyway, it does what it is supposed to do
Peace of Mind

by Michael on 04/12/2019

A replacement for an older model to provide an accurate means to educate new driver family members and keep everyone safe from "assumptions" and "wishful thinking following drinking".

by oliver on 29/11/2019

I have compaired this with a recently recalibrated model and am very satisfied with the result
Great product no guessing the next day

by Brian M on 28/11/2019

Great product very easy to use and set up well worth the money
No need to chance driving the next morning it removes the risk.
Great easy to use unit

by Brian M on 28/11/2019

Upgraded to alcosense 3 from the elite very easy to use , well recommended product good value for money and you don’t need to risk driving the next day if your over the limit
Well crafted & simple to use

by Alex.s on 27/11/2019

I have only had this product for a day or two and it comes across as a very well made component breathalyser... very impressed.. Far better than the cheap ones on eBay ! Well worth investment.

AlcoSense Elite 3 Breathalyzer (NEW)

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