AlcoSense Universal Carry Case
AlcoSense Universal Carry Case rating: 4.8 with 67 ratings

AlcoSense Universal Carry Case

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AlcoSense Universal Carry Case

Keep your AlcoSense Breathalyzer in mint condition with our great value universal carry case. Designed to work with all AlcoSense Breathalyzers.
  • AlcoSense Pro and Ultra Carry Case, 2 mouthpieces fit next to the AlcoSense unit.
  • AlcoSense Case fits in the palm of your hand
  • AlcoSense Elite Carry Case has space for the unit and blow tubes
  • AlcoSense Lite Carry Case has space for the unit and blow tubes
  • Netting keeps your AlcoSense Elite or Lite secure. Pro fits in the other side of the case.
  • AlcoSense Universal Carry Case
  • AlcoSense Universal Carry Case


AlcoSense Universal Carry Case

The AlcoSense Universal Carry Case has been designed to work with all AlcoSense electronic breathalyzers, storing both the breathalyser itself and a couple of blow tubes or one-way mouthpieces.

The pocket sized case is made from rugged hard formed material with a rubberised soft touch finish. It features a netted pouch inside the case and zip to keep the case closed and secure.

For the AlcoSense Elite and Lite
The AlcoSense Lite and Elite secure into the left side of the pouch behind the netting, and blow tubes can be stored in the right hand side of the case.

For the AlcoSense Excel, Pro and Ultra
The AlcoSense Excel, Pro and Ultra sit in the right hand side of the case, and either blow tubes can be stored on the left hand side behind the netting, or the Professional one-way mouthpieces can be stored next to the breathalyzer.

External dims: 80mm wide x 118mm high x 42mm deep
Weight: 42 grams

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Additional Information

Certified Standard No
Suitable for Consumer Use, Medical Use, Workplace Use
Compatible With AlcoSense Elite, AlcoSense Excel, AlcoSense Lite, AlcoSense Pro, AlcoSense Ultra
Pack Size 1
In The Box Carry Case
Product Dimensions 80mm wide x 118mm high x 42mm deep
Product Weight 42g
EAN 5060318910199
Customer Reviews

Rated 4.8/5 from 67 Customer Reviews

Five Stars

by gerard callaghan on 16/11/2017

Great wee gadget,so much so my brother has just bought one
Five Stars

by Ms Jackie Kenny on 10/11/2017

Exactly as described
useful case

by rabbyboy on 15/10/2017

handy case to carry and protect unit.only downside is alcosense in large white letters on case lets everyone know what it is.
Five Stars

by Bunts on 21/09/2017

Excellent product that protects.
Great product and company

by Mrs Morena M Gordon on 20/09/2017

Delighted with product and exceptional service. Thanks
Great product for peace of mind

by Amazon Customer on 20/09/2017

An excellent product to give you peace of mind the night after.
Definitely needed for alcosense protection

by Stevie on 20/09/2017

Alcosense pro I bought is a delicate machine in the hand so definitely needs this case which I only ordered afterwards. Its a strong case and it holds extra batteries and straws cos the alcosense eats the batteries.
Five Stars

by Lea Latham on 19/09/2017

Just the job
Great product for protecting your delicate breathalyser.

by S. Getty on 14/09/2017

Bought this to protect my Alcosense Elite and hold the extra blow straws during storage. Does this perfectly and is necessary to protect your delicate breathalyser. Great product.
Protective case

by Ruth HR MacPherson on 08/09/2017

Bought the AlsoSense and pipes for my son's birthday and this looks a good addition.
Amazon customer.

by SaiKitch on 04/09/2017

Fits the Alcosense pro perfectly for added protection. Just enough room for a couple of mouth pieces as well. Well made case good quality.
Five Stars

by R. Beasley on 29/08/2017

Provides good protection for the AlcoSense unit plus enough space for spare tubes.
Ideal carry case for your Alcosense unit

by Andreas on 31/07/2017

Ideal carry case to keep your Alcosense unit safe and protected. Fits perfectly
Great quality & simple to use!

by GreenEyedGirl on 23/07/2017

Great product and simple to use. I wanted this as I attend many business events where drinks are always flowing and wanted to be sure that I was legal to drive the morning after.I've recommended it to my clients too, for their employees who attend lots of events.I bought the carry case too with extra tubes so I could bring it with me when travelling. Better safe than guessing!
Perfect case for the Alcosense Pro although I personally don't ...

by Paranomia on 17/07/2017

Perfect case for the Alcosense Pro although I personally don't like having the label printed on the exterior. I think most people would like to carry the breathalyser without broadcasting the fact to all around.Room for the unit and two mouthpieces. Definitely worth buying to protect the unit.
Top quality product, used by police in Europe. Reasonable price. A good purchase.

by H. J. W. MURRAY on 17/06/2017

The unit comes with the same hardware specs as police units. This unit however can be customised through settings, to mirror alcohol regulations in a myriad of countries. Driving to a party in Paris? Just change the settings to France, and you're ready to rock.Batteries are included. 5 mouth-pieces are included. Full decent instructions are included. A decent purchase.
Five Stars

by ISABELLA on 12/06/2017

Good incentive for many
The hard case is good and feels like it will offer suitable protection for ...

by S. McAlpine on 11/06/2017

The hard case is good and feels like it will offer suitable protection for the product however like many of these carry cases the internal pockets aren't really as useful as you'd like for carrying round the replacement tubes. I feel like as a bespoke bit of kit they could have done a better job however it's competitively priced so not a big complaint
Good quality and spaceous.

by Amazon Customer on 03/06/2017

Fit's the device perfectly with enough room for some spare mouthpieces. Seems good quality but only had it a few days.

by Mr George Trolley on 15/05/2017

good delivery, very good product
Very Good

by Keith D. on 08/05/2017

Worth paying the extra for the best, well done to this small company, safe driving all, keep safe...:)Also watch the speedKdL
Five Stars

by Mrs I Corr on 26/04/2017

Keeps the Alcosense Pro safe and secure
Keep Your Breathalyser Safe!

by Barbarian on 20/03/2017

If you spend £40 on a breathalyser, you need to look after it and this case does just that. It also has a section for carrying spare blow pipes and the calibration checking bits that come with the unit.
Could have had a little more depth to accommodate the ...

by Mr Bee on 17/03/2017

Could have had a little more depth to accommodate the tester and a couple of mouthpieces. I still rate it a 5 star product.
Convenient way to keep the kit together and offers protection.

by Richard Hill on 12/03/2017

Fits the Pro and has a pocket in the inside lid for 5 spare blow tubes. Handy protection if you leave the device in the glovebox for instance.
Five Stars

by micol on 03/03/2017

Great little case
Five Stars

by robert on 01/03/2017

very compact
nice quality and perfect for the

by Nicky Hamilton on 26/02/2017

handy case, keeps my Alcosence protected can also store a few tubes. nice quality and perfect for the job
Good quality

by N. Greet on 21/02/2017

Good quality compact case.

by Mr. A. K. Butcher on 02/02/2017

Arrived on time and has extra space for spare straws.
Five Stars

by nige heathrow on 29/01/2017

Perfect for my alcosense breathalyser
Good but not great

by Margey I on 20/01/2017

Nice case but a little flimsy - I accidentally switched the breathalyser on twice with the case closed. No big deal, but loses a star.
Five Stars

by Glyn James on 12/01/2017

Keeps the unit and tubes in one place without them getting lost in the glove compartment
Good product

by Amazon Customer on 10/01/2017

Ideal and keeps everything together and easy go travel with

by david on 10/01/2017

Nice tidy case well made and everything fits in it
Quality produce with speedy delivery

by Duncan MacRae on 08/01/2017

Ideal carrying case compact and good quality. Delivery was excellent only a couple of days
This semi-hard case is perfect for purpose

by Geordie on 29/12/2016

The Alcosense Pro fits securely inside along with two mouth-pieces.This semi-hard case is perfect for purpose.
This is great to keep the device in

by trisha on 10/12/2016

Arrived on time and was as described. This is great to keep the device in.
Portability added to technical excellence

by ALcoSensible on 08/11/2016

Enhances the practicality of the AlcoSense Pro by making it easier to carry and pack, as well as protecting it from damage
Excellent product.

by Radioham on 03/11/2016

Excellent compact case for keeping the alcosense clean and the blow tubes handy.
The elite fits perfectly as described.
I would definateley recommend buying this to keep your Alcosense breathalyser safe and ...

by beercan on 02/11/2016

The case is ideal for the Alcosense Elite and for the mouthpieces. They all fit niceley inside and are protected from dirt, dust and the odd knock. I would definateley recommend buying this to keep your Alcosense breathalyser safe and secure. I believe it is a perfect fit for the Alcosense Lite too.
Four Stars

by Stephen H. on 02/11/2016

Good size case for unit and spare mouth pieces
Good case well made

by AlanB on 27/10/2016

Very well made with good protection to the Ultra. Enough room inside to carry 4 or 5 mouth pieces.
Four Stars

by Mark D. on 12/04/2016

Custom Case

by Beezzer on 05/03/2016

sturdy protective case, although not sure it will protect it from a drop due to the sensitive electronic components and calibration
Top quality durable case. Good Value.

by Billinski on 24/02/2016

A top quality zip-up semi-hard case, will last a very long time.Protects the AlcoSense breathalyser very nicely.Just enough room to hold my AlcoSense Pro and a couple of mouthpieces.I would have preferred it to be 5mm wider (deeper) to more easily carry the mouthpieces, but I'm not compalining.
Slightly Small?

by Curly on 05/02/2016

I have the Pro and I have found that if you put the unit in the case and a couple of mouthpieces in the netted part it makes closing the case quite tight? also, I think it would be nicer if the case was plain.....

AlcoSense says:
Thanks for the review, greatly appreciated. When using the Pro in the case the mouthpieces sit next to Pro as opposed to in the netting. The netting is only used when you have either the Lite or Elite in the case. Please see the pics on the product page on the website for more information.
Great product. Recommend

by Nick on 30/01/2016

Great case, robust and just what I needed when carrying in the car. Prompt service and great communication all through the transaction.
Good quality product

by Graham G on 28/01/2016

Does what it says on the tin
Good, but a little tight for the Ultra.

by Andy5361 on 28/01/2016

This case is great for the Elite, but is a little tight for the Ultra if you want to keep a couple of tubes with it. I use it for the Ultra hence the 4 stars. I also have an Elite which easily fits with 4 or 5 blow tubes.
Great buy, great price

by Phil Clark on 26/01/2016

Keeps the unit safe and damage free. Great buy, great price.
Compact and practical

by Busta on 25/01/2016

Excellent design and quality. Easily allows device to sit in case with room for tubes without being big and bulky. This will is ensure not only pection but that I will take Alcosense with me when I travel
Good case to protect your device

by Skelly Pete on 24/01/2016

The perfect protection for my Pro and a mouthpiece. Snug fit so it doesn't rattle around. Sensible pricing and free delivery.
good vaule

by Totty on 24/01/2016

The case is very well made and looks good. The meter fits very well and you can carry up to 4 mouthpieces.
First class, indespensible.

by Mark-Anthony on 23/01/2016

Perfect - except - the unit does not fit exactly in the case. It moves about and is loose. A minor grizzle I admit but if you're going to design a case - DO IT PROPERLY. However I love it - and the case - and wouldn't be without either. I recommend both regularly and show it to people regularly.

AlcoSense says:
Thanks for the review. I'm not sure which model you use it with but each model fits in a different way to make sure they're snug. If you check the images on the item you can see which product fits in how so they aren't loose. Any questions please give us a call on 0800 1950088.
Not bad at all!

by Jacko on 22/01/2016

A little tight packing blow tubes and the AlcoSencePro; quality is ok overall good value for money for only £9.99!
Highly Recommend

by John Bhoy on 22/01/2016

Quality product and a must to protect your machine.
Great that it`s a hard carry case and not cloth and also has room for several blow tubes.
Highly recommended and very reasonable price.
Very Unhappy

by McGregor529 on 22/01/2016

Overpriced for what it is - took so long to arrive. I have 2 of the devices and decided to purchase a hard shell camera case of eBay for the second one for £1.99, after I saw the quality of the first one. It works perfectly well. Took an age to arrive - I get heavy engine parts from the USA in 2 days but a carry case from the UK takes over 2 weeks - poor show.

AlcoSense Says:
We're sorry to hear you're disappointed in the case. Quality has never been a complaint from any customers so I'm not sure if maybe you have a faulty case? If so please contact us and we will happily repair or replace as necessary. I have looked into your order and see that when you placed your order the case was advertised as a pre-order item on the site with an estimated time of arrival. The case was dispatched within the time frame indicated on the site. They're now in stock and available for same day despatch. In terms of value, the case is custom made in small numbers which means it will cost more than a generic eBay case which may not fit the items properly. The AlcoSense case fits all AlcoSense products and blow tubes or mouthpieces, as a result we do feel that it offers good value for money.
Recommended product

by Dave on 21/01/2016

Good quality product. Hard shell case will protect your machine from dirt and damage. Compartment for straws is also handy to keep everything together.
Very useful protection at a reasonable cost.

by Mike the Bike. on 21/01/2016

In my view an essential item to protect the breathalyser and keep it clean when it is being carried. It is well made and ideally suited to perform its intended use. If there was any small niggle it would be that a simple hanging loop would aid with storage indoors.
Great product.

by Davymac on 21/01/2016

The case fully protects the model of alcosense machine I have and does the job it says it does.
A smart case to protect your Pro

by Phil on 21/01/2016

A great carry case to go with your Alcosense Pro. Beings so great looking you'll almost certainly want to look after your Pro, and this is just the thing to do that, it's smart, small, and looks fantastic.

As you can see it'll hold a couple of the blow tubes supplied with the Pro, as well as an area for the other slimmer tubes supplied with the older models.
Excellent item - meets requirements

by JER on 21/01/2016

Case does an excellent job in protecting my breathalyser and has a handy pocket for storing straws and cleaning items.
would recommend to all users of Alcosense Pro.

by Bertiebasset on 21/01/2016

Really good price compared to other similar case's. The hard case gives solid protection which is well worth while considering the price of the unit it is protecting. Just the right space for all the blow tubes you need.
Solid and well made

by DH on 21/01/2016

It's solid and well made, and would doubtless do the job as intended. Personally, it would be used seldom, as nowadays I tend not to go away often enough to need to offer the unit protection. But I did try it, and though a simple container is hardly rocket science, I think it would have been helpful to show a unit packed in to it. It's not immediately clear what the mesh pocket is for, and though I eventually managed to squeeze in both the unit and a mouthpiece, a picture of how it should have looked would have shown me whether I'd got it right or not.
Useful case

by Pete.G on 21/01/2016

The case is robust and well made. The size is right for the device and easily packed on a trip.
AlcoSense Carry Case

by Dave Banks on 21/01/2016

It fits my AlcoSense Elite in nice and snug and there's even room for 5 blow tubes in there. I put the breathalyser in the netted side of the case to stop it from moving round and the tubes on the other side. It keeps it nice safe and stops it from getting scratched or knocked. It's quite goof value as most carry cases for cameras etc of a similar design would be £15-20. I would recommend.