AlcoSense SE Breathalyzer

AlcoSense SE Breathalyzer

REPLACED by the AlcoSense Elite 3
The AlcoSense Elite got even better! It can now be set to alert the user at any limit in place in the UK and Ireland, including the new lower Scottish drink drive limit. Winner of What Car? Magazine's Best Breathalyzer under £100.


    AlcoSense SE

    SE at a glance:

    • Premium semi-conductor sensor
    • User selectable limits for Scotland/Ireland and England/Wales
    • Simple, clear results

    Easy to Use

    AlcoSense™ SE has been designed to be as easy as possible to use and designed to fit in the palm of your hand. To activate the breathalyser all you do is slide the AlcoSense™ open. Once open it prepares the sensor and the screen will show a count down from 19 to 0, then it will display Blow. When it says blow, blow through the tube for approximately 5 seconds until it beeps.

    Scotland, England or both? 

    This is the New Multi Alert Level for England, Wales and Scotland!

    On 5th December 2014 Scotland lowered its drink drive limit from 0.80‰BAC (80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood) to 0.50‰BAC (50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood), England, Wales and Northern Ireland stay at 0.80‰BAC. AlcoSense shows you a reading of your alcohol level so you can use the Scottish or English version of the product in either territory. The Scottish version displays a ‘Don’t Drive’ alert from 0.30‰BAC upward and the English/Welsh version from 0.6‰BAC upwards.

    Sleek Design

    Pocket sized, it can discretely be kept anywhere. AlcoSense™ measures only 95mm (height) x 34mm (width) x 25mm (depth) when closed. It is powered by 3 x AAA batteries (included in the pack) meaning that you can use it anywhere at any time.


    Additional Information

    Suitable forConsumer Use
    Certified StandardISO9001
    Product Accuracy±0.20‰BAC over reading range
    Sensor TypePremium Semi-Conductor
    Sensor Size (mm²)N/A
    Police SensorNo
    Breath Sampling SystemBasic
    Don't Drive Alert When Close to LimitYes
    Adjustable Don’t Drive Alert LevelAdjustable - Any UK/Irish/Scottish Limit
    BlowCoach* - Real time blowing feedbackNo
    Features - Ease of UseDon't Drive Alert When Close to Limit
    Features - AccuracyBreath Sampling Sensors, Sensor Purge for Better Accuracy
    Unit of Measuremg/L (Breath Alc), ‰BAC (Blood Alc)
    Reading DetailUp to 2 decimal places
    Max Reading (‰BAC)1.5
    Test MemoryNone
    Screen Size (Diagonal)28mm
    Screen TypeDual Colour LCD
    Mouthpiece TypeBlow Tubes
    Re-Calibration Period12 Months
    Re-Calibration Cost£22.99 inc VAT
    Expiry DateNo
    Product Dimensions(H x W x D): 95 x 45 x 25 mm
    Product Weight103g (Including Batteries)
    In The Box1 x Breathalyzer, 3 x AAA Batteries, 5 x Blow Tubes, Instruction Manual
    Warranty12 Months (Register your unit for 3 years)
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    AlcoSense SE Breathalyzer


    REPLACED by the AlcoSense Elite 3. Click here to view the new product!